I have been called a stickler for detail by more than one person. I can't say they are wrong, but when is detail ever a bad thing. Sure, the overall design can look great, but perfection is found in the detail. Usability and functionality will always be top priority in a design, but if I can make it look great down to the last detail...well, that's just a nice little bonus.

Designing is something I enjoy doing even in my spare time. I also spend a good chunk of time looking for new and interesting techniques to try out. And of course, there are my online games. I'd like to say I play to enjoy the amazing graphics, and I do, but the fun factor cannot be ignored. It's just a great way to relax, and meet new people. Yes, I've learned that it does happen.

Aside from the digital activities, I do allow time for activities less driven by technology. I spend a decent portion of my time outdoors. A good hike helps to clear the mind, and is great for some interesting photo opportunities. That said, I do spend a lot of time with my camera. I wouldn't say I'm a great photographer, but it is enjoyable none-the-less. Music, watching movies, and attempting my art projects round out the rest of my time. What can I say, I like to keep myself busy.

Title: Graphic Designer

Education: B.A. in Graphic Design
     Certification in Interactive Multimedia

Design Training & Experience:
› Adobe Creative Suite
› Flash
› Publisher
› Dreamweaver
› Microsoft Office
› Colour Theory
› Typography / Layout
› Identity Development
› Artistic Design